Its that time of year again when half the nation are on the search for the perfect Ascot dress and hat ! It’s never easy, and why oh why is it that at every other time of year, the shops are full of gorgeous dresses – that is until you desperately need one?

Then I remembered something that happened a few years ago – when a girl turned up at On Your Head Be It the day before she was going to Royal Ascot, a last minute ticket had become available, and she had a limited budget.

She nipped into Primark on the way to the studio, and bought a white dress costing £22, many of our things had been sold or hired already, but as it was white it left more options open for finding a last minute hat or headpiece. After looking at all possibilities we found a gorgeous headpiece, made of spiralling feathers, in black – which then made it easy to team up with black shoes and handbag (already in her possession).

Imagine my surprise when watching Ascot highlights when the programme started with a slow motion shot of my client in her primark dress and her big spiralling feathers headpiece ! in fact they used that shot for the rest of the week to open the programme.

The moral of this tale is – you don’t need to spend lots of money on a dress to get noticed, but money spent on hiring or buying a gorgeous designer hat is money well spent because at Royal Ascot – its all about the HAT, and it should be all about the Crowning Glory.

by Michelle Macartney

Michelle Macartney has always had a passion for Hats. And in this On Your Head Be Its twentieth year that passion for hats has helped to curate a vast array of the latest in stunning hats and headwear. In 1995 she started her business On Your Head Be It after a stint at hat making in Liberty's of London. Her love of millinery was featured in an article by journalist Rachel Bridge for The Times called "A Passion for Hats". The Studio has been featured on BBC and ITV and national and international newspapers and magazines.