I often deal with grooms mothers who are worried about upsetting the Brides Mother in the hat stakes, and I have seen ladies so worried, that they are frightened to have the hat they really like for fear of upsetting them.

Its always good to chat before hand, but if a Bride’s mother decides not to wear a hat, or go for something very small, it shouldn’t really dictate
that the Groom’s mother and guests should do the same.

I think everyone appreciates that at a wedding everyone wants to look their best !

by Michelle Macartney

Michelle Macartney has always had a passion for Hats. And in this On Your Head Be Its twentieth year that passion for hats has helped to curate a vast array of the latest in stunning hats and headwear. In 1995 she started her business On Your Head Be It after a stint at hat making in Liberty's of London. Her love of millinery was featured in an article by journalist Rachel Bridge for The Times called "A Passion for Hats". The Studio has been featured on BBC and ITV and national and international newspapers and magazines.